Preschool Portraiture



Highlights Fotography would like to put your school in the spotlight and helping

it achieve it’s goals and reach new heights. We are commited to providing top

quality prints/products at a competitive price along with a satisfaction guarantee.


We not only capture great photographs, we also ensure that the photography

experience at school is safe, comfortable, and fun for everyone. All of this care

and effort results in what we all want as parents - a beautiful portrait of our child!


The children are so exited when they know they get to pick out “a prize” when

they are done with their picture, they can't help but smile!!

Class Photos



Preschool children are so proud to finally start school and what better way

to show their accomplishments is to have it framed to show everyone they see. They love to name off all their new friends and

teachers and to share little stories they remember

during their school day.


All of the display easels have a pop out stand on

the back, along with an area to write all the names.


The seating list is included in all class photo orders. 

Child Safety Cards



Child Safety is so very important and we want to do whatever we can to help

keep them safe. 


Highlights Fotography gives any child photographed set of 2 Free safety cards

for their guardians to fill out and keep on them at all times.


In the case of emergency, you will be releaved to have it.







* A portion of the proceeds go right back to your school

* Free Safety Cards for all the children

* Free CD of all the students labeled by shoot number and name

* Free Class Photos for the school

* Free Staff Packages - All teachers get a free package

* Retakes are available if a child is unable to make picture day

* Fun Packs and specialty products are available

* Studio discounts for all the families and staff

* Orders are back within 2-3 weeks

* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee




  Highlights Fotography has a fast turn around rate of retouching images and

print products. We are proud to guarantee a 2-3 week turnaround on orders, which are delivered straight to your school packaged and ready for distribution. We make everything easy and seamless.




  Pick a day, pick a time and we’ll do the rest. We do our best to accommodate

the dates you request. We come equipped and ready to photograph at your

school, taking care of all photographic responsibilities. Travel expenses are fully paid for by us.




  Highlights Fotography would like to thank you for your time and hope that we

can accommodate your preschool this upcoming school season.


Feel free to contact us anytime.





Angela Ridl



email - highlightsfoto@outlook.com

website - www.highlightsfotography.com


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