Angela Dirkes

Certified Real Estate
Thank you for stopping in!
I am Angela Dirkes, founder of Dirkes Digital Media.
    I take the time to highlight the unique aspects of every home, big or small, so that it truly stands out to prospective buyers.
    At a young age I fell in love with photography. I started out with nature and family photography. Later, I branched off into real estate and earned my Certification in Real Estate Photography.
    I have a great eye for detail and know just the right angles and lighting to showcase a home or business.
    If you would like to see examples of my work
aside from the gallery on this site, you can find
my work in numerous local magazines such as
Inspired Home, Design and Living, and
Midwest Nest.
Photography is my career and my passion!
I look forward to working with you!
          Angela Dirkes
                  Certified Real Estate Photographer
Business Associate with HBAFM since 2017
Business Partner with FMAAR since 2012
Angela Dirkes
Angela Dirkes