Angela does an amazing job

and I highly recommend her!

- Marti Kaiser, Executive VP FMAAR

Professional Photography

Professional Images are an Extremely Important Factor

when Marketing Real Estate Online!

*  92% of home buyers are using the Internet as part of their home search, listing photos are a critical factor in  the selling              price of your home, how quickly it sells and whether it sells at all!

*  By hiring a professional photographer, it improves an agents professional image, allow for more sales in less time and an            agent can look like a hero to the seller!

*  Studies done by Redfin have found that Professional Quality Photos are very important when selling your  home.                          They will generate more interest in your home, help sell faster and most importantly add thousands of dollars to your final        sale price!! 

*  Buyers use photos to take action!

*  Professional Photos can generate 10 times more leads!

*  It's more affordable than newspaper ads!

Professional Property Photographs

What do you get?

*  Professional Photo Shoot of your property listing, interior and exterior          unless otherwise requested.

*  Roughly 45 minute session.

*  All the photos are filtered, completely edited and placed into a gallery          with a unique download pin number for you that will be web size ready        for easy uploading!

*  The Online Gallery is ready for you within 24 hours!

Exterior Photographs Only

Night or Day

Only $75

Night time photographs give a home a completely different feel. Buyers can envision the beauty of what they will have on a relaxing night at home after hours.


RE Photography


$125 -  under 1,500 

$175 - 1,500-3K sqft

$225 - 3K-4,500 sqft

$275 - 4,500-6K sqft

$325 - 6K-7,500 sqft

$20 off your 1st Home Shoot!

Add. charge for outside the F/M area. Min. $15