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Beautifully Executed Photographs is the Best Investment

you can make in Real Estate Home and Business!

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Professional photos = Property Sells Faster 
                                       Sells for $984 or More (studies show)
                                       Great exposure for you to future potential clients 
Everybody Wins - The investment has a guaranteed payback for homeowners and agent
                               after the sale closes at a higher end price!   
Around 92% of home buyers use the internet to search properties for sale.
Property listings with professional photos are viewed by 118% more than other properties.


   Call/Text or Email to schedule your shoot and feel free to ask any questions or anything else you have in mind.
Shoot session will include interior and exterior of the property, special features, client otherwise requests.
   Roughly 45 minute. Depending on size and features.
   All the photos are filtered and retouched individually by professional artists to assure that spaces best qualities shine
without giving misrepresentation.
   An invitation to view and download your gallery will be sent to you via email.
   All images are high resolution with the option of a web ready downloadable gallery. They can be used printing, online marketing and all uploading needs. Feel free to download both if you like.
   Each gallery will consist of 25 to 75 images. Size of the property, rooms and unique features will determine the amount.
   Ready within 36 hours.

Professional Real Estate Photography

Contact Angela Today

to schedule your investment shoot, have a question or idea?

How it Works

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The exterior of a home is the first picture people are going to see. It's crucial to make that first impression count.

Dirkes Digital Media

Exterior Photography Only
Day or Night

Same Great Service!
6 to 12+ Images

Night photos give a home a completely different  feel. Buyers can envision the beauty of what they will have on a relaxing night at home after hours.

Dirkes Digital Media

Do you have additional areas / buildings you would like to include? - No problem, I can capture those too! - only an up charge will apply

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