D Virtual Tours

D Virtual Tours


No matter what kind of space you want to showcase, Dirkes Digital Media can bring it to life!

This cutting edge service is exactly what you need to promote your business!

Call today to be part of this amazing experience!

Angela Dirkes 701-541-3744

Dirkes Digital Media

utilizes 3D scanning technology to offer an innovative end-to-end 3D media platform that allows you to share a

complete three-dimensional representation of a space and lets you virtually walkthrough,

to experience it as if you were there!  

Tour Pricing

$.12 / sq.ft.

Unfinished rooms or floors and garages - no charge.

minimum charge of $200

$.50 / mile - outside of F/M

Example : 

A 3,000 sq.ft. home would be $360 (.12 x 3K)

You will Receive

Professional Scanning Session

Highlighted Walk Through Tour

Unguided Virtual Tour

Links to use for your marketing!

   MLS Link

   VR (Virtual Reality Glasses) Link

   Branded Link

   Unbranded Link (upon request)

Snapshots of Main Focused Rooms

  (taken from the scans-post process)

360° Exterior Images (n/a in winter)

360° Interior Highlight Areas

Dollhouse View

Floorplan View

View any of Virtual Walkthrough Tours below!

Click the play button on the bottom left hand side. This will bring you through the home automatically!

At anytime you can stop and click on different things throughout the rooms and floor to get a closer look.

Use your mouse to move up and down and into all directions!