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The Cutting Edge Way to Showcase your Business or Home

Dirkes Digital Media utilizes 3D scanning technology to offer an innovative end-to-end 3D media platform that allows you to share a complete three-dimensional representation of a space and lets you virtually walkthrough,

to experience it as if you were there!  

We provide an ideal solution for business owners and real estate agents looking for a unique and stunning way to showcase their property. This interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tour offers potential buyers, customers, and guests a 24/7 open door experience, allowing visitors to walk through your establishment anytime day or night.

3D Virtual Tours help Businesses

3D Virtual Snapshot

A Virtual Tour can provide an incredible boost to any business that exists on

the web.  Since Matterport 3D Virtual tours can be embedded on your website,

this provides an instant way for potential customers to interact and learn about

your business before ever even visiting you in person. 3D Virtual Tours can increase brand awareness and customer engagement. 360 photos of your business or establishment when tied to your Google Business Listing doubles the interest in your company and therefore produces higher engagement rates.

Residential/Commercial Real Estate - Creating a virtual tour of a property allows prospective tenants and future homeowners to see the space in-depth prior to making an in-person visit. 3D tours provide incredible value for both the user and the listing agent creating a more efficient experience for all involved.  Buyers want as much information and visual insight into the homes they are looking at online and recent studies indicated that buyers are spending more time on listings that have virtual tour than those without. 

New Home Builders - Local home builders are using 3D Virtual Tours ​to show remote home shoppers exactly what they can expect from one of their homes. Models are often furnished differently from community to community and 3D Scans of these different ​arrangements demonstrate the various ways a home could look ​to ​​​home buyers.

Retail Stores - Store owners can show visitors the layout of their space and choose products to feature in their 3D tour. Shoppers at malls or large department stores can use it to find the individual shop or section of the store they want. Many times, customers are unaware of the diverse and unique services or products a company or business offers. A 3D Virtual Tour lets shoppers visit and walk through your business online giving them a chance to learn more about your offerings.

Event Venues - Before choosing to host their event at your venue, ​customers want to ​be able to explore every inch of your facility to see if your space will fit their needs and plan their event according to the venue’s features. Whether you manage a concert hall, sports facility, convention space, wedding venue, ballroom, ​or another venue, a ​Matterport Virtual tour can help potential customers view your space from a 3-Dimensional perspective.

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse View - Look right inside a home or business

Floorplan View

Floorplan View - Each floor has its own Floorplan View Image

View any of Virtual Walkthrough Tours!

Click the play button on the bottom left hand side. This will bring you through the home automatically!

At anytime you can stop and click on different things throughout the rooms and floor to get a closer look.

Use your mouse to move up and down and into all directions!

How it Works

The tour scanning process takes around 1 hr per floor. Upon completion of scanning your property, we upload your 3D Virtual Tour scans to the Cloud, where powerful algorithms go to work processing your real-world data into an immersive 3D Virtual Walk-Through, ready to access from anywhere in the world. It will be complete within 5 business days.

Professional Scanning Session
Highlighted Walk Through Tour!
Unguided Virtual Tour
Links to use for your marketing!
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   Unbranded Link (upon request)
Snapshots of Main Focused Rooms!
  (taken from the scans-post process)
360° Images - Highlight Areas
Dollhouse View
Floorplan View

You will Receive

Tour Pricing
$.13 / sq.ft.
Unfinished rooms or floors and garages - no charge
Minimum charge of $200
$.50 / mile - outside of F/M
$50 - Design fee - Includes 1 year of space hosting

Virtual Tour Snapshots

These are captured within the scans

in post processing and are not edited in anyway.

A Snapshot Gallery is Included with All Virtual Tours!